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SGA Meets at the Board of Education To Discuss Leadership

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

The Student Government Association of Walkersville met on February 17, 2017 at the Board of Education to discuss the various things going on within the school community.

“This is the earliest we’ve ever gotten here,” said advisor of SGA and chaperone of the field Jason Lepeonka. Walkersville SGA students arrived at  the BOE at 9:30am a good twenty minutes before the meeting was called to order. Before that however, students from all over the country slowly poured in.

First they talked about their agenda, what they were going to talk about, and the current situation the SGA was in. An update on how everything was going and who was doing what.

After that, at 10:07am, they began to discuss leadership and what it means to be a leader, what with the election for student member of the board coming up. They talked about the importance of bringing up a movement, and stressed how key it was to act out and be the first to follow in what you believe in. After that, one more would be bound to join in, and at that point “three’s a crowd” they would say, and the movement would get going.

They then went over how important it was for a leader to keep up an image on social media. At that point, County Executive Jan Gardner and Superintendent Theresa Alban came into the assembly to discuss their own experiences with being a leader.

“One word that defines leadership is courage,” said Gardner, the courage to be that first to support what you believe in. Gardner also addressed the importance of being sympathetic with those around you, and the importance of appearing “human.”

Alban also stressed the importance of being down to Earth, and described times where she tweeted about baking cookies for the holidays and such things like that, but what was most focused on in her message, was “Values.”

“What will be the reaction [to] out words,” said Gardener. She went on to talk about how the wording of your message can be the start of intense argument, and heated argument, so be careful when delivering your message.

After the leadership aspect of the assembly was over, Alban and Gardner left to attend to their own government meetings and such, but not before Alban talked about the superintendent cup, and that the SGA should raise awareness for the cause.

On that note the SGA announced what each school was planning to do in their own community to raise money, awareness for voting, and how they were supporting some of the less fortunate in their community.

However, the SGA was most focused  on raising voter awareness, encouraging kids to go out and register to vote for who they wanted to be on the board.

Currently, there are quite a few positions on the student council board that are going to be up for grabs, and the board wants students to be as educated as possible in their voting.

They ended the meeting shortly after, with voting on a few changes on their constitution to make it more clear, like how to refer to the student council board, or more simple mistakes in the writing, such as things that contradict each other.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:03. Then everyone went to lunch and headed back to their schools.

The meeting was “Very informative,” said junior Charles Greene.

“I enjoyed how interactive it was,” said junior Mikaela Miller. In the meeting, they had members tweet at a few of the topics they spoke on.

“They talked about leadership,” said junior Abigail Engle. “When they talk about leadership, they encourage kids to go out and do something.”