Walkersville Lions Pounce on Mountain Ridge 64-26 In Playoffs — Middletown Next

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by Alec Parker

Walkersville Lions Girls Basketball team goes on to the second round of the playoffs as they breeze by Mountain Ridge 64-26. The Lions were led by junior Rian Wright who scored her career high 22 points.

The first quarter was a little slow. In the first three minutes both teams only scored a total of ten points. After the few opening minutes Walkersville started to gather up some momentum, and finished the quarter on a 9-3 run. At the end of the first quarter Walkersville was leading 14-8. Walkersville played some great defense not letting up anything in the paint or the outside the three point line.

In the second quarter is when Walkersville kicked it up a notch, and pushed the ball down court; they were scoring on all cylinders. The Lion’s also played some tremendous defense, and forced a large amount of turnovers, Lions were led by Rian Wright scoring on transition, driving in the hole, and three pointers. The Lions scored 24 points in the second quarter. The most in the game, and only gave up five points in the second. The halftime score was 38-13.

“The Lions are playing with such flow, and the passing, and defense are on point. Next half they just need to keep pushing, and increase the lead. Rian is a bucket, and she just can’t be stopped,” said senior Ari Biggus.

At the start of the third quarter the Lions continue to show the pure dominance on both sides of the floor. The Lions had multiple players that stepped it up. Sophomore Eve Bernardoni knocked down two deep threes, that just lit up the crowd. Another player that hit some jump shots, and tough threes was senior Olivia Johnson. The Lions on defense were just insane, steals, and blocks by both sophomores Megan Allen, and Eve Bernardoni.

Then a tragedy happened, Bernardoni was hit in the face on a tie up, and a timeout was called on the floor. After a few minutes Bernardoni went to the back, and did not return to the game.

However that did not stop Walkersville. The Lions just continued the tough defense, and made some tough shots down low, and got some important rebounds. At the end Walkersville was putting some bench players who made an impact, like senior Nicole Boley, and sophomore Stephanie Taylor. The final score was 64-26, with Walkersville moving on to the second round.

“The first quarter wasn’t all that fun, but after when we stepped it up later in the game it started to get really interesting. Rian is so amazing, and I love having Rian on the team. I’m so excited to play Middletown. They will be a great matchup,” said Bernardoni.

“I thought it was pretty cool, and I would not gotten my career high without my teammates. I thought it started out really well, we had a good tempo, and we kept moving, and moving. I’m excited, I think it will be good, probably better than last time, especially since it’s playoffs,” said Wright.

“I think it was the student section had a huge part of the game, Once we started really cheering the other team got really flustered, and messed up,” said junior Derek Poore.

After all that, Walkersville now moves onto the sectional semi-finals against Middletown. The game is at Walkersville on Wednesday the 29th at 6:30 pm. This will be a game for the ages. Once again these two rivals clash. Walkersville holds the 2-0 record against Middletown

this season, but that doesn’t mean anything in the playoffs.