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Why Are the Winter Sports Teams Not Getting the Fan Support the Football Team Got?

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by Maddie Hommey

The Walkersville tailgating crew is considerably one of the best in the state. However, football gets all the love and winter sports are urging for more support.

Numerous athletes and teams are finding a great deal of success in this winter sports season at WHS. In indoor track, the girls 4×200 relay team beat a ten year long school record. Senior Collin Hess recently qualified for nationals in high jump. Senior Kelcie Robertson was the county champion in pole vault. The girls varsity basketball team has a record of 14-1. Both the wrestling, and boys swim team have winning records.

This winter season is following an amazing state football championship in which almost the whole town of Walkerville likely attended. Much of the championship is accredited to the fans, and support behind the team. Week after week students showed up in attire to match the week’s theme and cheered as loud as they could. Now, “students leave halfway through the game just because we’re losing,” stated sophomore basketball player Julie Wallace following the girl’s overtime win against Oakdale.

As overtime of this game began, the boy’s basketball teams returned from their own game, and refilled the stands. Their cheering and support helped the girls find a way to come out with a win in a tight game. All winter sports are asking for this support to help them also find ways to win. Senior Kyle Daggett stated, “It’s sad when you’d rather play away than at home.”

“It’s just as hard for us to make it to states as any other sports team” explained Senior Emma Crouch about the indoor track team. Many of these individuals do not feel they are receiving the attention they deserve.

Sports such as basketball do however receive a great deal of attention from the community that drives them. “There are more adults, and elder people that come back than students, and that really is cool how it’s community driven” exclaimed physical education teacher Susan Pardo. This community support is extremely appreciated by all WHS athletes, yet they wish their fellow classmates would pay them more attention.

Even though many desire more attention, some realize it may not be very likely. Senior high jumper Collin Hess recalled, “ My transition from playing basketball in middle school where it’s the only winter sport to track in high school where there are more sports, and it’s not as popular, I went in knowing I wouldn’t get a lot of support.”

“We have to remember on Friday nights in the fall, there is only football” added Principal Tracey Franklin. She referenced one Friday night this winter when the girl’s basketball team played at home, but at the same time the boys were away, swimming had a meet, track was at the Virginia Tech showcase, and the academic team had a match. So, it is understandable why winter sports often do not attract large student crowds.

On the other hand others like Junior Collin Jacobs come, “[I come] because it’s fun to watch my classmates play sports.” It is nice for students to support their peers like this. Jacobs added, “It gives me something to do, and all of my friends come.” If more people continue to attend winter sports, others may be encouraged to follow their lead.

Winter sports teams hope to continue their successful seasons with their fellow students, and community support to propel them.