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April Fools Day Is an Underappreciated Holiday

by Kayla Brown

It’s a new year people and that means all the holidays are coming back around. With March coming to an end everyone is getting ready for Easter; But wait we can’t forget about the most fun and interesting holiday ever! Yes people I’m talking about April Fools Day.

March is almost over and students at WHS are ready for April to come. With April comes many things for students like Easter, Spring break, and of course on the 1st of April comes the wonderful April Fools Day. Students are coming up with pranks and some already have them planned and can’t wait to see them in action. “Who doesn’t love a holiday made for joking around and cracking jokes and pranks with friends and family all day?” said sophomore Alex Smith. He then added,“it really is a brilliant holiday. I can’t wait for it to come so I can see all the pranks people will pull.”

Laughing is great for the mind and soul, so to have a holiday that has people all over laughing for the whole day and making other people laugh. There isn’t anyone in the world that doesn’t like to laugh or make people laugh. “I love making people laugh — it makes me feel good to know I have the ability to create laughter and brighten people’s day because you never know what someone is going through so April Fools Day is a great holiday” said sophomore Isabella Conto.

There are so many holidays out there; everyone has their favorite one. There are main holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. There are so many other holidays that are underappreciated and April Fools Day for most people sad to say is one of those holidays. As students get older they forget about the holiday more. “April Fools Day is a cool holiday but I tend to forget about it until I get pranked or see someone getting pranked” said freshman Isaiah Carmona.

In conclusion students at WHS are excited for April Fools Day to come. It’s time to bring the holiday back and give it the appreciation it deserves so let’s be sure to go all out and be safe!