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Comedian Dave Chappelle Is Back and with Two Specials On Netflix

by Wolfgang Sonne

After seemingly falling off the face of the planet, comedian Dave Chappelle has returned with two stand-up comedy acts exclusively on Netflix.

A decade ago Dave Chappelle was on top of the comedic world, and now in 2017 he is finally making a return since the end of his sketch orientated TV show Chappelle’s Show. The final episode of Chappelle’s Show aired in summer of 2006 after a short two season run. [1] Chappelle’s Show was hosted by Dave Chappelle and starred actors and comedians such as Charlie Murphy, Donnell Rawlings, and Paul Mooney. Chappelle’s Show featured multiple skits within an episode making fun of racial tension, public figures, and current events with a very crude sense of humor.

Chappelle’s Show skyrocketed into one of the most critically acclaimed and controversial shows when television host Dave Chappelle disappeared. The feedback and welcoming back of Dave Chappelle was warm and very accepting.

Junior Kyle Wilkinson said “I think that it was a great way for him to come back into the comedy world after being gone for so long.”

Senior Jaxon Harris commented “It was really good. I liked how he poked fun at racial issues while also kind of making a statement that what he was talking about was serious. He made fun of a lot of different people and things others wouldn’t usually make fun of.”

Dave Chappelle hit two of his venues on his return tour in Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas. There are more dates to be announced for this tour that are going for around $60 per ticket. [2]

Sophomore Andrew Mori stated “I wish he’d come to Baltimore or D.C. or somewhere local. I’d go and see one of his shows in a heartbeat.”

Senior Lauren Moberly said “I’ve never heard of him until I saw his stuff on Netflix and it was really funny. It’s a different sense of humor and it’s really inappropriate but hilarious.”



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