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Games of Thrones Season 7 Has Fans Eager for a New Story

by Benjamin Francis

       The long awaited seventh season of Game Of Thrones has been awoken by a new teaser trailer releasing only a date, but fans are still extremely excited to see what winter has in store for this new season!

       The show has officially surpassed George R.R. Martins novels, and the upcoming extension to the storyline is unknown by fans. The climax to the series is coming in these final two seasons and it will be shown in a shorter amount of episodes – Season 7 containing seven episodes and Season 8 containing six, rather than the usual ten.

“I don’t like that it’s a shorter season than usual, and I think the wall is going to come down. I’m looking forward to that. As someone who read all the books it’s exciting to not know what is going to happen. July 16th is too long of a wait,” said English teacher Stephanie Hart.

The journeys between all of these characters are connecting and the story is coming closer to the climax, which is extremely exciting for fans who have been here since the beginning. “This season will be amazing because all of the storylines are coming together,” said senior Ethan Welty.

The expectations have risen, and the bar has been set high for this season following the ending of last season. The episodes The Battle of the Bastards and The Winds of Winter gave viewers satisfaction and a hunger for more. Daenerys Mother of Dragons is taking names and “She is going to get hers,” said junior Rowan Bennett.

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones is premiering Sunday July 16th. Catch up on the previous six seasons and tune in to find out what fate will fall onto Daenerys, Jon Snow, Tyrion and the rest of the characters when winter comes.