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Girls Lacrosse Fundraisers Offer a Variety of Choices

by Sarah Grace McElwain

At the beginning of every sports season, Walkersville High School teams run fundraisers to raise money for their team. The money raised goes towards new uniforms, equipment, etc. This year, the WHS Girl’s Lacrosse Team is selling items from the Great Western Reserve Corp. to raise money to buy new equipment.

You can order online, or in person from any member of the girl’s lacrosse team.

Ready-to-bake cookie dough and Auntie Anne’s Pretzel kits are available for purchase online. You can order magazine subscriptions or make cash donations online as well. Orders placed online can be delivered straight to your home or WHS for pick-up.

Even members of the team enjoy selling, and buying, the products that they are offering this year. “I really like this fundraiser because it’s always easier to sell food and it tastes really good so I can tell the customers the truth about the product,” explained junior team member Mikaela Miller.

Cinnabon kits and candies are available for purchase as well as a variety of home goods such as candles, flowers, and other decorations. These items are only available for purchase in person. Payments by cash and check are accepted.

With multiple teams running fundraisers at the same time, competition makes it hard for team members to sell to people who have already bought similar items from a different sports team.

“I’m not sure how this fundraiser will go because we do it every year, and there are a whole bunch of teams that do it around the same time we do,” explained junior team member Felicity Poulin. However, the team is hopeful for a successful fundraiser.

“The fundraiser is going great! We [are] raising a lot because who doesn’t love cookies?” said sophomore team member Natalie Miller. “It’s going well, I sold 56 items total which is over $1,000. I think we will raise enough money for new equipment,” said senior team member Brooke Tucker.

Fundraisers are also great opportunities for teams to get out into the community. “We have been very competitive in sales this season because it open us up to spread news about our [lacrosse] program,” said Miller.

The last day to place your order is March 13th (orders over $100 get free shipping!). Talk to a member of the girl’s lacrosse team for more information