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Junior Joe Goline Wrestles for a State Championship Today and Tomorrow

by Maddie Hommey

Joe Goline, a Walkersville High School junior, will be traveling to Show Place Arena today, March 3rd and Saturday March, 4th. He will compete at the Maryland 1A/2A wrestling state championships.

The states competition is a 16 man tournament with double elimination, so Goline will potentially wrestle two matches each day. However, a wrestler is eliminated after two losses. If Goline can continue to win throughout four matches he will be a state champion.

Goline got into wrestling at age seven. His dad wrestled and had him try it out; it stuck. Goline also began playing football in fifth grade. The two sports are similar, but Goline enjoys football because, “It’s fun and nice to have people around you all the time; you’re not in the spotlight like in wrestling.”

However, Goline has shined under the spotlight this year. He competes at 195 lbs. This year he placed third at both the CMC championships and in the 1A/2A Regional Tournament which has landed him a spot at states.

Goline is very easy going, but as senior teammate Garrett Lowe said, “[Goline] is laid back, but he stays tough and he has pride.” His pride helped his team and himself win a state football championship in 2016, and he will now compete for a wrestling state championship.

“I’m going to try my best and not worry about things,” Goline said. “I’ll be okay if I don’t win.”

With that being said, “All of his coaches believe that he holds the key to success; and while there are some very tough opponents [Goline] will face this weekend, he has every tool he needs to be successful, and become a champion,” said Coach Robert Holste.

Goline has worked hard the entire season, and feels as though he is prepared. Goline stated, “I’ve been going to other schools this week to practice with their state qualifiers, and this has benefitted me.”

This can be tiresome and an athlete must find a balance in training and rest in order to keep their body fresh for a big competition. Goline knows how to manage this. “Stepping right off the football field and onto the wrestling mat can be very taxing on the body physically and mentally, but [Goline] has found a way to adapt,” Holste explained.

Principal Tracey Franklin said, “He’s a talented wrestler; obviously you can tell it’s something he’s been doing for a long time.” This shows that his talent, experience, and hard work have prepared him.

Furthermore, the support he has received will help him. “My teammates have been telling me they’ll be there for me at states, and that’s reassuring,” Goline said.

He also is viewed as a role model to many young GVAA wrestlers. Franklin said, “It’s nice for them to have someone like [Goline] to look up to and be successful, and it’s more motivating for them to continue wrestling as they come in to high school.” The wrestling program will greatly benefit from growth, and Goline’s success is encouraging and promoting this growth through younger wrestlers in the Walkersville community.

Other members of the WHS wrestling team are also encouraging younger wrestlers. Next year, the team looks to be very successful. “Not only does [Goline] have one more season, but heavyweight Ethan Parrish will be back as well. He really hit his stride this season and was able to place fifth in the 1A/2A Regional Tournament, just missing qualifying for states by one place,” said Holste.

These two rising seniors will likely lead the team next year. Holste continued, “We also have a group of experienced varsity wrestlers including Chase Tyeryar, Garrett Broadhurst, and Elijah Valdez who found success this year, and we are looking forward to seeing what they can do.”

The Lions’ wrestling team will be a force to reckon with next year, and many more as their program continues to grow. Goline and others will likely compete for state championships. “It’s a given I’d like to go again next year (to states), but I’ll just see how it goes,” Goline stated.

As for this year, Goline is prepared and ready to compete today and Saturday at states. Franklin proclaimed, “He will represent Walkersville very well.”