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Seniors Say a Tearful Farewell to Their WHS Theater Careers

by Alyiah Jackson

Picture provided by Angella Ramos.

As the end of the school approaches for the senior class, the seniors have to look back and say their goodbyes to the many accomplishments that were made, including to the hit musical, Mary Poppins.

The senior students in the Walkersville Theatre Department had put together their last showcase for the rest of the year. All of the students had worked very hard to present their musical. The amount of time to plan for the musical was a lengthy process, though with the constant hard work and determination, the students and drama teacher Heather McFadden had brought to the show, the play was a success and many students at WHS had enjoyed it.

Being that this is the last play of the seniors high school career, it puts a heart-felt emotion towards the students who have been involved with the theatre department for four years. Knowing that soon, seniors would have to say goodbye to their WHS family and all the work put towards their upcoming years, the students describe how they feel and give inspirational advice on being in theatre and what their favorite part of the play was.

“Not being able to be in anymore shows at Walkersville is definitely heart breaking; my whole high school career has been putting hours and hours into the theatre program. I’ve learned so much from Walkersville High Theatre and I can’t wait to take all the memories and skills I’ve learned to other performances I do outside high school. It’s definitely harder than I thought it would be but I can’t wait to spend all the time in the whole this summer with my WHS theatre family,” said senior Cody Strange.

“It’s really emotional. During the last show I cried and we did this thing called Senior Speeches and all of the seniors talked about their experience, and just thinking about the past four years, what everyone is looking forward to go and what we’re all excited about. It’s bittersweet because yes, I’m going to college and am going to be doing theatre there, but also I’m going to miss my family here,” commented senior Olivia Ruth. Her favorite part of putting together the play was, “the all day rehearsal because spending that much time with these people, I made many friendships and we began to grow close.”

The advice the seniors had for the upcoming students that would be involved in theatre were, take every opportunity to be in theatre, enjoy it while you’re in the moment instead of thinking about the next shows and what is upcoming because you will look and then it’s the end, and it’s sad.

Musical Theatre Director Heather McFadden’s favorite part of the play was “Step In Time” because “The music, the visual, the choreography, the costumes, and the lights that were the most cohesive piece of the show.” For her advice for the upcoming students in the theatre program McFadden states, “Be prepared to work hard and to have an open mind when you come into pre productions and auditions! Try not to preset what you think that your experience is going to be like.”

Saying goodbye is not easy, but what you can do is make every moment worth it and  remember the great experiences you’ve had because it will not be something you want to forget nor let go of. At WHS, we give our thanks from the hard work and constant dedication to the Theatre Department and wish that they all do well in their years to come.