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Some Students Love the Switch to Daylight Savings Time, But Others Do Not

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by Jonathen Bowersox

This is the weekend for daylight savings time where instead of gaining an hour of sleep we get to lose an hour of sleep. This is what the students of Walkersville High School had to say about it.

Many of the students have very different opinions on the matter. Sophomore Natalie Evans said “ I’m really excited for it, I love when it gets darker later and when I wake up it’s bright. It makes it feel like summer and I just love it.” Sophomore Makenzie Pope said “ I just love it cause that means I have more time to hangout outside at night and it’s also a sign of warmer weather which is good for lacrosse. The whole losing sleep thing doesn’t really affect me that much so this whole thing is just great.” Some people are very excited because it’s one step closer to summer.

Even though it may be one step closer to summer some students don’t like the fact that we have to lose an hour of sleep. This is what sophomore Ashley Adjei had to say — “ I’m not happy about it because we’re losing an hour of sleep. I need my beauty sleep.” She wasn’t alone, as sophomore Andrew Earls said “ I struggle getting up even with an extra hour of sleep so now that we’re going to lose an hour, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

As the opinions around the school vary there are the people that don’t care about the daylight savings time but still look forward to it. Senior Kirsten Schwantes said “ I don’t really mind it because it reminds me of spring and verifies that spring is coming. March is my favorite month and it solidifies that too.”

This topic be looked in both perspectives of either it being a bad thing or a good one. The one thing that is for certain is that it means spring is here.