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Spy Museum a Big Hit with Students On Their Field Trip to DC
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by Jessica Bentley

Science teacher Elizabeth Klafter and her forensics class went to the International Spy Museum Tuesday March 28th. I was one of those students, and let me tell you it was a fun trip.

The drive to the museum wasn’t the greatest with all the rush hour traffic, but the museum itself made up for all that.

We got to the museum, and went up stairs to a room to learn about forensics and espionage. Most people would think the lesson is super boring, but it was actually fun and interesting. It wasn’t set up like a lesson, it was more of a workshop. We had to solve a case, and we were able use and see some of the technology the FBI uses.

“I thought it [the lesson] was awesome and hilarious. It was a great experience to have hands on and learn about different tools,” commented senior Saurel Nguenda-nkamen about the lesson.

We were able to use two machines the FBI uses. One the Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA). The ESDA allows you to lift up indented writing, writing that transfers onto other papers and you can’t see with the naked eye.

“I like the ESDA. How it was able to pull the writing up that we were unable to see,” said senior Kayla Whitfield.

The other machine was the Video Spectral Comparator (VSC-4). The VSC-4 allows you to see notes that are scribbled out, pick out forgeries, see messages written in invisible ink, and more. It does this by using different types of light to see it.

Senior Nicole Cregger liked the VSC-4, “I liked the machine where they put it under a light and see what was scribbled out. It was cool.”

After the workshop we were able to go through the museum. It was fun to see all the different gadgets, and exhibits they had. We were able to take things at our own pace and look at it on our own. One of the popular exhibits was the James Bond one.

“The James Bond part [was the best]. Where it showed us clips from his various movies and the villains he faced. The celebrity spies was neat too, and of course the gift shop,” said Nguenda-nkamen.

The trip was amazing. It was fun and interesting. I would recommend going to the Spy Museum, whether it be on your own or with a group. As junior Alexis Brunnelson would put it, “It was pretty rad my friend!”