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Students Fretting, Planning and Worrying About Which College To Choose

by Honora Johnston

Often times, students are at a loss or overwhelmed when planning for the future. They seek information and others’ experiences among the student body, especially the juniors and seniors.

In this school, college is a big topic among the older students. With spring comes SATs, AP exams, and for the seniors the end of their high school careers. All of these things relate back to students plans for college. This makes spring a time for these conversations to occur. Some of our WHS students shared their thoughts on how they choose what colleges they are interested in, or are enrolling in.

“First, I go on their website,” said junior Will Anderson, “and if I like what I find, then I will go on College Confidential and read about them. If I’m still interested, I’ll visit the college.”

While making these future plans, it is important to stay informed on potential universities. Their website will tell you information about the majors they offer, financial aid, and much more. The College Confidential website provides a forum where you can compare schools based on other people’s experiences. [1]

“I always look for the college’s national rating,” said senior Moroni Okonah. A site called US News ranks colleges every year. [2] Comparing schools using this ranking score can help you determine what school you prefer, and which are your backup schools. Knowing this information can tell you if they are highly regarded schools.

“It’s really complicated… There’s multiple factors in your decision… If it doesn’t click, it’s not gonna work,” senior Caylee Winpigler commented. Junior Susan Foster commented, “My older sister went to North Carolina State because they offered the major she was interested in, and they were the best in the country [for it].”  As long as you like the school and can afford it, you should try to go.

The most important thing about choosing a college to apply for is that it is right for you, not because it has the best campus or is ranked number one in the country. Understand what they offer first, then decide for yourself.



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