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Tennis Teams Even Record With Wins Against Frederick

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by Megan Allen

The Walkersville Tennis boys and girls team both had a match Wednesday, March 22nd. With the snow earlier in the week, the practices weren’t always on schedule as planned, but both teams found a way to overcome the lost practices and come out with a win.

Sophomore Ben Smith stated “It was nice to be back on the court and to come out with a win today. We were a little nervous yesterday, but I think we can get on a rhythm now. I felt like our team and myself as an individual did very well.” Then asked how he thinks the season will go, Smith continued “I think our team this year works well together with the doubles. We have some amazing double teams and I think we have a shot at going far this year as long as we keep up the hard work at practices.”  

Returning singles regional champion sophomore Julie Wallace commented “This year is looking like it might be better than last year. My goal this year is to be more of a leader and to become regional champ again and hopefully go even farther. We played kind of frantic against Linganore on Tuesday but we came back the next day and both teams found a way to come out and beat Frederick.”

The girls team won 4-1.Wallace continued “I was so happy for all my teammates because we won and we deserved too because we put in so much effort at practice in the cold.”

The boys team won 5-0. “ It’s a lot of fun to play tennis with my friends, were a young team with potential to be good and we proved that against frederick when we won all matches,” said junior Collin Jacobs.

The Walkersville tennis team takes on Urbana tonight, Friday March 24th.