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Walkersville Students Have Some Sweet Rides In the Parking Lot
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by Liam Rousselle

Every teenager’s dream is to get their first car. Here at Walkersville High School an enormous percentage of juniors and seniors have a car. Every day the Walkersville school parking lot fills up with an enormous variety of automobiles. Every day students drive to and from school, and every day the lives of precious vehicles are put at risk just to transport a high schooler.

Some might argue that carpooling justifies them using a car. “I carpool with my stepbrother to and from home,” said junior Brady Toms. “I don’t ask him for gas money or anything, I just do it out of my own kindness.”

This is definitely a way to justify using your own vehicle, but even then how does a high schooler cover costs like insurance and fuel? “My parents pay for my insurance. As long as I do good in school I’m good” commented  junior Julio Magvalena. “My parents also give me money, and I can spend it on gas or other things. They do it because they know I carpool with all of my friends.”

The major reason for owning a car during high school is mainly carpooling. There are of course other reasons including students out of district, or students that have issues with riding the school bus. For most students, it’s not really a decision that makes a lot of sense. It usually involves the want to be independent.

A prime example of this is junior Curtis Canterbury. Canterbury currently drives a 2016 Mustang. “It’s not the most practical car, but I like it a lot. A lot of people ask me for rides, but I don’t really carpool with a lot of people.” His Mustang is not practical, and it doesn’t get the best gas mileage. Despite this, he has it because it symbolizes his independence, and it means a lot to him.

Cars are the ultimate symbol of seniority for a high schooler. Even if your car is comprised entirely of rust, it still makes you cool in the eyes of underclassmen. And besides the aforementioned reasons, parents often give their children cars because owning a car can be an important stepping stone in responsibility.

So maybe owning a car as a high schooler isn’t so much a need, but more of a reason to become independent, and finally move away from all the things that stopped children from spreading their wings.