Which Is Better, the iPhone or the Samsung Phone?

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

The perfect phone, sought out by consumers every time a new one comes out — each time the phones are getting better, faster, and easier to use. With each new phone the question is asked, who’s better Samsung or iPhone?

Now of course, there’s more options than just these, but let’s be honest. Not choosing an iPhone or Galaxy is like buying that off brand version of Captain Crunch, it’s just not the same, and in today’s society vanity and what you have is a fun way to stand out amongst a crowd.

“Samsung is better,” said senior Rian Wambach. “It’s more capable, and has better functionality, and you can download things without using the app store.” Perhaps the biggest dealbreaker when deciding which of the two to buy is the ability to download things not on an app store. Galaxies in exchange for accessibility give the user a lot more freedom on their phones. There are often apps or sites accessible on computers and Galaxies that aren’t accessible on iPhones. This can be extremely annoying especially when switching from the two different devices.

Galaxy’s edge over Apple however is a double sided sword. Often users like freshman Milan Patel and Chance Isanogle prefer a “less complicated” phone. Freshman Garret Kramer said “iPhone has a better format,” and Isanogle added, “iPhone has iMessage.” Apple has always exploited people and their need for a simple easy to use product, and the iPhone is no exception. It’s success has been widespread for years, and the phone has spread all over the world.

Ultimately, both iPhones and Galaxies have taken to society by the millions. You’d be hard pressed to find someone with a phone that wasn’t one of the two, and this has been true for a decade. iPhone is currently on its 7th phone design, and Galaxy is currently releasing teasers of its Galaxy S8.