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As Term 4 Begins, Students Are Excited By the Quick Passage of Time

by Kayla Brown

It’s April now and you know what that means? It is the beginning of a new term. I wanted to know how students felt about how fast this year has went by and how their grades ended up.

This year has gone by so fast! Students at WHS can not believe that it is already the last term of the year. We did not have hardly any snow days so that means we get out sooner than last year. Plus we do not start school until September so our summer is going to be a bit longer than last year which excites students.

“I can’t believe the year is almost over! I just got here this year and now it’s almost over, It’s crazy how time goes by” said sophomore Madison Miller.

Some students were happy to have the term end so they could get closer to their summer vacation but others were not as pleased because as the term ends so does their extra credit and missing work opportunities. “It didn’t seem like we were in the classes for that long, I guess it’s time to stop goofing off and get all my work done on time so I’m not rushing at the last minute again” said sophomore Alex Smith.

There are all different feelings toward the end of the year for different students. Seniors are sad about leaving but excited for their out of high school experience. Juniors are super excited to finally be at the top of the school. Sophomores are excited to be half way through high school and freshman are happy to not be the youngest in the school anymore. “I was happy when I noticed the term was coming to an end I can’t wait for term 4 to be over too. I’m ready to be a sophomore already!” said freshman Isaiah Carmona.

In conclusion everyone is very excited for term 4 because that brings them even closer to their all so great summer vacation and freedom from getting up at 6:00 am and staying up late studying and doing homework!