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Day of Silence Lets LGBTQ Students Know They Have Support

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by Jalyn Jones

Today, April 28th, students took part in the Day of Silence of LGBTQ kids who have suffered from bullying, harassment, stress, and also ones who took their own lives for being who they are. The students who had purchased a shirt before spring break wore their shirts to school today, as well as teachers. “I think it’s cool. I really like them, and if you didn’t get a shirt you can just wear black,” said School Support teacher Shannon Marble.

“It’s good to participate in this day because it lets people who are apart of the LGBTQ  community know they aren’t alone,” said sophomore Ambur Javed. As well as the shirts students are wearing, some have rainbow duck tape across their mouths so that it also says what this day is about. The shirts are getting a lot of good comment such as they look good. The design of the shirt is a rainbow triangle with white stripes behind it, with the hashtag we support underneath.

“This day is meant to be about students in the LGBTQ community every grade elementary through high school, even college,” said spanish teacher Elisabeth Marsh, who is in charge and leads the GSA. I asked Marsh what she wants people to take away from this day, “That you don’t have to hide who you are because you can be accepted and relate to others. Her main focus is on students who feel like they have to hide who they are don’t anymore, as well as they have a support system without stress and harassment.”

Showing pride in who you are doesn’t only have to be in school, there’s also a pride week around the world where people have parades and parties. I also asked her about what made her want to start the club, “We had a professional development about LGBTQ and we didn’t have a GSA club because there wasn’t an advisor and I’ve always been an ally and I thought that we needed one so I decided to do it.”

The main thing about this day is to help those who need help and not to discriminate others.