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FFA Annual Plant Sale Opens This Weekend with Beautiful Blossoms Galore

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by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

The FFA plant sale kicks off this weekend, April 29th-30th, and FFA members are excited to raise money for their club.

“We are selling plants to the community to raise money to go places, nationals, and to do things for the FFA,” said freshman Emma Long. “I’m working on it this weekend, I’m excited for it because I’m a good people person.”

Greg Stull has been doing the FFA plant sale for seven or eight years. Stull also said that the plant sale is usually successful. “99% of what we sell we grow ourselves.” The FFA has spent many months preparing for the sale. They hold their plants in a greenhouse at Walkersville High, cultivating their products in preparation for the event in April.

“I knew there was a plant sale, [I] didn’t know it was tomorrow,” said senior Nick Brown, “I have a friend in the FFA. I assume that they’ll be in the plant sale.”

The sale itself is geared toward the home community of Walkersville, as described by Long, and proved by Brown’s knowledge of the event. As Stull said before, Walkersville High School has been doing this sale for at least eight years making this a somewhat known event to the people living within the community. The events relative popularity combined with the amazing weather we’ve seen this April pans out well for the FFA. The event should be as, if not more successful than the plant sales before it.

The sale while annual, does change time by a few days. Last year the event started earlier in April, around mid April while this year the event begins on the weekend after the 28th.