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Instagram’s New App Has Snapchat Users Taking Notice

by Kayla Brown

Everyone has their personal favorite social media. There are so many to choose from but some are more popular than others. Now what is it that makes these apps the most popular? Their updates of course! Updates are what keeps apps new and fresh looking so they don’t get boring to their users and Instagram just had a new update yesterday. I went around asking students what they thought about this new update.

Now Instagram has been through many updates and clearly knows how to keep its style up to date so it stays nice and fresh looking. This update however has changed the look of the direct message part of Instagram. There is not only a new look to it they have added a feature that allows you to send a picture or video and it disappears after they person has viewed it. “The update looks cool I like what they’ve done in the dm (direct messages)” says freshman Atahji Jackson.

This new update brings Snapchat and Instagram even closer because not only do they both have stories on the app but they both have the disappearing photo option. It’s cool how two different apps can be so similar yet so different at the same time. “The new update is awesome because I love Snapchat but now I’ve started using Instagram a lot more” said sophomore Linette Claure.

What I have noticed is students love taking pictures. Everyone takes selfies everyday all the time. With Snapchat you could send silly pictures to your friends and the photo disappears and it tells you if they screenshot it so students felt more safe with Snapchat. Now that Instagram has created this new disappearing photo feature students are starting to use Instagram a lot more. “I never cared for Instagram much or social media at all but I’ve just made a Snapchat and an Instagram and this new update is pretty cool, I’d say I use Instagram a bit more than Snapchat now that this updates out” said sophomore Alex Smith.

In conclusion Instagram has had many updates but this one has it pulling ahead of the all mighty social media app Snapchat. Keep it up Instagram you’re coming up in the world!