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Love Them or Hate Them, It’s Bikini Season Again

by Sydney Pigott

Love them or hate them, bathing suits are an essential part of our beach going experience. While there are some disagreements as to how long they have been around; two-pieces have been worn since as early as 1400 B.C. [1] There’s no denying they are a summer style staple.

It’s not really surprising then, that multiple people have claimed the rights to inventing the bikini. Both fashion designer Jacques Heim and mechanical engineer Louis Reard say they were the first. [1]

“I always see people mainly wearing bikinis or two pieces at the beach,” said junior Ashley Yeoboah. Although the most popular trend seems to be the more “revealing” look, styles like high waisted and one piece bathing suits are making a huge come back. The modern version of the one-piece dates back to the 1980s, when the fitness craze contributed to an emphasis on sportiness, mobility and functionality in swimwear, claims fashion historian Valerie Steele. [1]

Recently super star Kim Kardashian showed off her post baby tummy wearing a one piece in a post on instagram, and ever since the rate in sales of one pieces have increased like never before since 2010. [1][2] “I love the high cut one-pieces like the girl wore in movie Baywatch,” sophomore Natalie Evans admits.

“My all time favorite swimsuit style would definitely would have to be the high waisted trend for sure,” sophomore Emily Clingan stated. She continued by explaining that “It’s so cute because you can show off your stomach, but the best part of it where it’s the most slim and then it covers the belly to make your hips look wider but your stomach look flatter; that’s why I wear them.” High waisted bathing suits made a big debut in the 1980’s along with the high-cut one pieces. [3]

No matter what style you like just be you and stay confident this spring and summer season.



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