Netflix Original Series Dear White People To Premiere Friday

by Madison Cooper

If you’ve run out of things to binge watch on Netflix, you should probably check out Dear White People, which is due to be released this Friday.

The controversial show is based off of Justin Simien’s 2014 independant film under the same name, Dear White People, which focuses on the racial tension at a prestigious Ivy League college from the perspective of several black students. The show carries that same storyline and picks up where the film left off, following the lead up to a blackface party orchestrated by a fictional Ivy League university humor magazine, and having to deal with the fallout after the black students break up the event.  

During an interview about the upcoming show, Simien’s said he wanted all the characters to take different routes as to what they should do. “Some (characters) think they should do nothing, others think they should rail against the system, some of them think they should work within the system, some of them think black people are being really whiny. All of these characters get a voice within the show.” [1]

Fans of the movie should expect some new faces, such as Logan Browning, DeRon Horton, and Antoinette Robertson, as well as some old ones like Brandon P. Bell. Another thing fans should expect, what Simien is hoping to be a positive change is that the show won’t be a tradition satire like the movie was Simien states “With the show I felt like that would just be really irritating after a while. So what was important was for us to really care about these people. To get into their every day.” [2]

And that’s really what the show is all about: discovering, rediscovering, uncovering, and even reclaiming your blackness in predominantly white spaces, done through the perspective of multiply very different black characters who all have valid stories to tell. That being said it’s important to recognize the shows importance considering America’s present circumstances. “Obviously, I think we’re in a much more contentious time. When I wrote the movie, we were sort of on that weird cusp, where black people still knew that racism was a thing, but everyone else thought it was over,” said Simien. [2]

Simien then went on to say “The show is coming out at a time when we’re all aware racism is still a thing and white supremacy now has a voice of authority in the country, so we’re in a very weird time,” but that shouldn’t set back the show by the slightest. [2] Although, the show did gain some backlash among people offended by its title that hasn’t stopped people who are genuinely interested in the concept of the show (rather than focusing on it’s title) from wanting to watch, some of which attend WHS. Senior Mya Wiley stated “It’s really relevant to what black go through in America and it’s also funny so I’d watch.” Ashley Yeboah, another senior at WHS then added “I think it’s a must watch for everyone because at the end of the day it has a good message.”

If you’re interested in watching the Netflix original, than you should definitely check it out when all episodes are released this Friday.