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Rick and Morty Drops a Surprise Episode to Open Season Three

by Caleb Engle

On April 1st, Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon shocked their fans with a surprise release of the first episode of Rick and Morty Season 3.

Senior Josh Green is a big fan of the show. “[Rick and Morty] reminds me a lot of Futurama, which was one of my favorite shows,” said Green.

Although not a die hard fan like some, senior Mikey Schnepfe enjoys watching from time to time. “I love how they incorporate all of the crazy sci-fi elements with some more relatable aspects as well,” said Schnepfe.

Fans have been anticipating Season 3 for months, but have been more or less kept in the dark as far as the release date of the new season. Roiland and Harmon have also been toying with their fans through social media by doing things like releasing fake trailers for the new season.

Due to the troll personalities of the two creators, and the fact that the episode was released on April Fool’s day made many fans completely disregard the surprise release, assuming that it was just another prank by Roiland and Harmon.

“I honestly thought it was a joke at first,” said Green, who watched the show live on the Adult Swim website. “I thought it was just some dude who posted some random clip or something”

The episode picked up right where Season 2 left off, with Rick still in prison being interrogated for his formula for interdimensional travel.

“I liked the new episode,” said Green. “You could tell they took their time and made it really nice.”

One of the most trending topics that came from the surprise debut was Szechuan Sauce, a discontinued dipping sauce that was temporarily added to the McDonald’s menu 19 years ago in real life as a promotion for the film Mulan, for which commercials can still be found on YouTube. [1]

The sauce happened to be a major plot point of the episode, and now has spiked in popularity across the internet. Fans instantly began demanding through social media that McDonald’s reintroduce the long forgotten sauce. A petition for this movement has already been created with over 12,000 signatures on Change.org. [2]

This type of creative humor is partly why so many fans enjoy the show so much. “I think [Rick and Morty] is a really refreshing show with a lot of unique humor,” said senior Quinn Cavanaugh. Although fans will stay have to wait for the rest of the Season to be released, this surprise episode was a nice treat to hold them over until then.


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