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WHS Softball Wins Extraordinary Extra Inning Game 7-6 Against Oakdale

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by Megan Allen

The girls softball team took on the Oakdale bears on April 26th. After an extra inning, the Lions came out on top with a 7-6 win.

The Lions won 1-0 when they met the bears earlier in the season. According to sophomore Lindsey Windsor it was a “Pitcher’s dual,” meaning the pitchers were controlling the game. “Nobody could hit off one another the last time we played them,” said Windsor. When asked what was different this time they played Oakdale, Windsor continued “We adjusted to the hitting and both started to hit off one another and in the first few innings we weren’t cheering and once we started to cheer up one another, the game changed.”

The Bears’ record is now 6-5 and the Lions improve to a solid 10-3. There are five more regular season games left to play until playoffs. In this game, Walkersville had a slow start and were down four runs going into the final inning. They managed to tie up the game and held the Bears’ to one run which put them into an extra inning in play.
Sophomore Katelyn Burdette had an outstanding game with three hits; her third hit of the game went to the middle of the field, which scored her a single and got the game-winning run off of it. Burdette said “I think we are very good under pressure, but we need to stop being comfortable with barely winning every inning. We also need to be enthusiastic the entire game to keep the energy flowing, and we all really need to work on our confidence because once we are confident up to bat or in the field we play like stars and no one will be able to beat us.”

Senior first baseman Aly Riggs made the final out of the game and the Lions came out with an extraordinary win.

Riggs agreed with Windsor and Burdette about the energy in the beginning of the game and added ¨We actually looked like we were half asleep. Once we scored a run we got more positive energy but once they also started scoring we just got down on ourselves.” Riggs continued “I personally think that we need to go into the game hyped and positive so that we have energy throughout the whole game. We didn’t  start giving 100% until the sixth inning. As a whole our team has come really far and it is obvious showing that with our record.¨

Walkersville will have one of their four home games left today at 4:30 against Brunswick.