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WHS Students Went Far and Wide Over the Long Spring Break

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by Megan Allen

Spring break occurred from April 14th to April 24th. Many people went to a variety of different places this year.

“This year I went to Montego Bay in Jamaica. This was a first time experience that I will remember forever. I went with my best friend Rylee Duncan and we played by the beach and had a tremendous time,” said senior Emma Crouch.

Spring break this year was longer than usual, but next year it will be a lot shorter so the students of Walkersville High school took advantage of that, this year.

Sophomore Riley Brown said “Over spring break I went to Florida with my friends and family. The weather was beautiful and in the 80’s  almost every day. I went to Universal Studios and laid by the pool most of the time. I got really burnt, but it was so fun and it was probably one of my favorite spring breaks.”

It seems that Florida was the go-to for this spring break; many people traveled there and seemed to have a great time. “Florida is beautiful. I want to move there when I get older. I went with my friend Sarah and we go yearly. It never gets boring; we always take rides on golf carts and get super tan by the time we have to return to school,” said sophomore Maddie Holley.

Junior Mathena Frederick echoed off of Holley, “I would have not want to go anywhere over spring break rather than Florida. The ocean was cold but it felt good because it was so hot outside. The funny part is I was walking into a shop and ran into Riley Brown — what’s the odds?”

2017 spring break was known as one to remember for most. Many people went to cool places that they will remember for a lifetime, and that’s what spring break is about.