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ASL Students Have Informative and Inspiring Field Trip to Gallaudet University

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by Wolfgang Sonne

On Tuesday May 2nd ASL teacher Dan Frank took his fourth block ASL 3 class on a field trip to Gallaudet University.

The ASL 3 class traveled all the way to D.C. to visit the biggest and most prestigious deaf university in the country. The class was guided and directed by Dan Frank’s son Derek. Derek is a senior at Gallaudet and knows the campus and school history just as well as anyone else. Derek and a Gallaudet interpreter gave the class a tour around the school’s campus and told stories about the school’s remarkable history.

Sophomore Dayah Scott said, “It was a great experience to be around so much ASL after three years of taking courses on this language, The field trip was an amazing way to experience and connect to a deaf environment.”

Junior Keren Ott said, “It was a really fun field trip that we actually got to enjoy rather than do a paper on. I thought the campus was beautiful and it would be a really cool experience if I were to go there.”

Gallaudet was established in 1864 and has thrived in downtown D.C. ever since. Attracting deaf students and even some hearing from not only the our nation but also all around the world. Sign Language is a beautiful language and culture with astonishing history showing how far the deaf community has come in modern society.

Senior Denae Hurt said, “ASL is such a beautiful culture and I am so glad I chose it as my world language course. Our class was so privileged to be able have come to Gallaudet and I’d love to come back. Personally I would advise any underclassman to take ASL in the future.”

Walkersville High is one of the few schools in Frederick County that offers American Sign Language as one of their language courses. Enrolling and learning ASL is a great option as here at Walkersville we are fortunate to have two great teachers in Dan Frank and John Jones.