Beyonce and Jay-Z Expecting Twins, But the Gender Has Yet To Be Revealed

by Alyiah Jackson

On February 1st of 2017, Beyonce Knowles and her husband Shawn (Jay-Z) Carter had released to the public that they were expecting twins.

Everyday since then, the Beyhive and other fans have been trying to determine the gender of the babies from either Beyonceś lyrics, the pictures she posts on social media, even down to her outfits and jewelry! Fans believe that the couple are both leaving subtle hints towards the public to reveal the gender of Blue Ivyś siblings. Here are some of the things were released:

When Beyonce announced her pregnancy on Instagram, the picture had consisted of her surrounded by various different colored flowers that mainly consisted of reds and pinks. While her bra was a pink and purple color, with reddish, pinkish lips she also had a slip-on bottom was baby blue, with a blue background. With one of her many beautiful gowns, Beyonce, her hubby, and daughter Blue Ivy were out to see the premiere of Beauty And The Beast, Bey was wearing an offset blue and green gown with red and pink bracelets with a necklace.

“When she first posted this, I was like oh my god she’s having two girls, and then I saw the blue and I was like nope she’s having a boy and a girl,” said senior Inez Palmer. Many people concluded that she was having a boy and a girl because of the colors most people pick when revealing the gender.

When it came to their lyrics, the recently released song “Shining” featuring DJ Khaled, released what the public thought was also a gender reveal. Jay stated:

“Ran to the dealer, bought twin Mercedes’

The European trucks for the twin babies

Don’t let me have a son, I’m a fool (ooooh)

Send him to school in all my jewels

I want a boy and girl I fight for truth

Whatever God give me, I’m cool.” [1]

The verse stated he wanted a set of boy and girl twins, but it clearly stated as well he is grateful for whichever gender they have. When the song had came out and fans started putting things together, most concluded that they were in fact having a boy and a girl.

But, some also thought as well they were having both girls because of him saying “Don’t let me have a son,” even when the next verse had said the genders he wanted.

“I looked at the lyrics as soon as I heard [they were having] twin babies. When I read it got confused when he said don’t let me have a son and then I want a boy and girl,,” stated Palmer.

Senior Dasia Stevenson commented “I still think they’re having a boy and girl because why else would he say he wanted one?” Although they may be as well leading people on so that when the babies are born, it would surprise the public of being the opposite gender of what they described or shown subtly.

When it had came to just Bey’s Jewellery, in her 2008 song, If I were a Boy, she was wearing a specific type of hoop earrings that (in the music video) were given to her before when she was playing the role of a boy. She had recently wore them on a night out with Jay and people automatically assumed they were expected two boys.

Regardless of what the genders may be, just know Jay and Bey are grateful for all of their children and are accepting of whichever they may have, whether it’s two boys, a boy and a girl, or two girls. Congratulations to both Beyonce and Jay-Z on their pregnancy.