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Champions of the Champions Tournament Enjoyed By Team Sports Stalwarts

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by Jalyn Jones

Today May 23 all team sports classes had their championship games. “I’ve been doing these games for seven years now starting in 2011. It’s like a grand finale for all of the students and they seem to really enjoy it,” said team sports teacher Lee Palmer.

The sport played was volley ball with six people on each team. Each team had two “Champions” on the team who picked their teams as well. The all stars pick their teams and then drew randomly to decide who gets the ball/who plays first. As well in actual volleyball there are six people per team on the floor at once. “I played sophomore year — it’s pretty cool,” said senior Jacob Hrabosky.

Games went on until one team reached 18 points. There were three rounds total, with the winners being team four. “This is my third year being apart of of it; it’s a very fun event that Coach Palmer puts together for us. My team won last year, which was fun,” said senior Carlie Hopkins, who is also one of the eight champs in the games for block two.

In the game there are many ways to hit the ball using one or two hands. However there was a student who could only use one due to injury. “It sucks having to only use one hand. I feel that I could’ve been more helpful if I had both my hands to use in the game,” said freshman Ty Collins. Some also say that height does have an advantage in playing volleyball as well as how high you can jump.

The champions received yellow shirts that say “Walkersville Lion Team Sport Champ.” “It’s the best of the best playing, and everyone wants to be a part of the game. I sometimes would buy food and drinks, if I had the chance to this year I would’ve done the same. However it takes a lot of time and planning to do this. I also would purchase shirts for every student participating, but it’s not in the budget,” said Palmer.

The games happen every year, so if you take team sports you have the chance of being a part of it. “Basketball and soccer would be interesting for the championship” said junior Nathaniel Salon.