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College Bound Seniors Starting to Get Ready to Go — Here’s All You Need for a Successful Move Into Your Dorm

by Emma Lochner

For seniors, college is right around the corner, and most wait to buy everything for college over the summer. Some colleges give out recommended lists of what to bring, and what they absolutely do not allow. However, there are so many other things that you need.

Upcoming University of Maryland sophomore Dylan Whitmer said “Bring a planner so that you don’t get bogged down with the massive amount of dates, times, and assignments you need to keep track of.”

Making a checklist will help. According to eCampus Tours, there are fifteen essential school supplies items that you will need in college. [1] Those fifteen items are:

  1. Adhesive Page markers
  2. Backpack/messenger bag
  3. Binders/Folders/Notebooks
  4. Calculator, preferably a graphing one
  5. Citation Style Manuals
  6. Flash Drive
  7. Highlighters
  8. Hole Punch
  9. Index Cards
  10. Laptop with a printer
  11. Printer Paper
  12. Pens and pencils
  13. Scissors/tape
  14. Stapler
  15. Student Planner

This may seem like a lot, but in reality it is only a fraction of the items that are needed in college. While that had only been a school supply list, there are many other items for your dorm and otherwise that you will want/need.

For all your room needs, make sure to pack the following:  

  1. Bedside lamp
  2. Alarm clock
  3. Mini trash can
  4. Storage bins/under the bed storage
  5. Desk Lamp
  6. Fan (most older colleges do not have air conditioned dorms)
  7. Bulletin board with push pins and/or a whiteboard with markers
  8. Calendar that you can write on
  9. (if the school allows it) Mini tool kit
  10. Adhesive picture hangers.


For your linens and laundry supplies:

  1. Two sets of sheets and pillow cases (make sure to check about the size of the bed, schools can have extra long twin beds)
  2. Several towels for showering
  3. Preferably two pillows
  4. Comforter with extra blankets
  5. Clothes hangers
  6. Laundry bag/basket
  7. Laundry detergent/stain remover… Etc…
  8. Lint brush/roller
  9. Small sewing kit for emergencies

Senior Michael Snizek said, “I think the most important things to have in college are a cell phone and comforter.”

Onto the office and desk supplies. Colleges have desks for work/study in the dorms along with the bed and places for clothing. With these desks you will need [2]:

  1. Memory cards and USB flash drives for safe keeping and projects
  2. Stapler with many staples, and a staple remover
  3. Printer paper if you have a printer
  4. Pens, pencils, pencil holder, sharpener
  5. Notebooks, folders
  6. Labels of various size
  7. Index cards
  8. Sticky notes
  9. Paper clips and binder clips
  10. Rubber bands/tape/scissors
  11. Multiple colored highlighter pens
  12. Ruler with centimeters and inches
  13. Stackable desk trays for organization
  14. Stamps and envelops if you plan to write to people, or just in case

Electronics may be some of the more important, and pricey, needs of college. Everything nowadays is done online. Colleges have adapted to Blackboard, google classroom, etc. Even taking notes is able to be done online. In order to be as evolved as the college you will need:

  1. Laptop (printers are not a must unless the college says so, usually they have printer available)
  2. Portable speakers for studying with music
  3. HDMI cord and Ethernet cord for a computer (check if there are wireless options)
  4. Surge protector (check with school to see the allowed wattage)
  5. Extension cords
  6. Headphones/earbuds
  7. A camera, could be disposable or nice or even just your phone. We will all be making memories at college, and it is best to try and capture them

Senior Hannah Harbord said, “I think the most important item to have in college must be a surge protector with lots of outlets.”


There is also the random items you may need, things like an umbrella and sports equipment. There are always personal effects that you will need and want including wall decor, snacks, candies, etc.



[1] http://www.ecampustours.com/for-students/campus-life/your-freshman-year/15-essential-school-supplies-that-you-will-need-fo.aspx#.WRHu_NIrLIU  

[2] https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/get-in/making-a-decision/off-to-college-checklist