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County Track Meet Helps Students Get Ready for Crucial End of Season Events

by Benjamin Francis

On May 3rd the annual county track meet was held at Oakdale High School and the competition is coming in tough as the runners approach championship season.

“There is more competition at a meet like Counties and I’m more comfortable because I am familiar with the other competitors,” said Senior Collin Hess who placed first in high jump and fourth in 110m Hurdles.

Coach Brett Hess is at Walkersville for his first season coaching Track and Field and he is responsible for the success of the athletes this season. He has been working them hard to get to this point.

Now the athletes are reaching the peak of their season and they are striving for greatness, all teams across the county are pushing their best runners forward. The county meet was the first step.

Walkersville’s female track runners are on track to do very well this year. Senior Emma Crouch said “I think we will do pretty well; we are super fast and we can put up a fight.”

Confidence is key and the Walkersville boys are feeling very confident about their last few meets. “I think that we will go all the way and win a medal in the 4×1 and the 4×2,” said senior Justin Herman.

Although Walkersville did not come in first in the meet the individual runners did very well and we hope to see them progress through the end of the season. Come out and watch them at the next meet.