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Guitar Recital a Chance to Allow Students To Play This Challenging Instrument In Public

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by Honora Johnston

Guitar is one of the popular music classes in Walkersville High School. The school offers multiple levels for students interested in learning it. These types of classes allow students to branch out from academics and find something they enjoy doing.

Learning a new instrument can be difficult, and the students of Walkersville High are no exception to this. It takes time to memorize musical notes and how to read the sheets of music used to play. Guitar also requires practice to build callouses on the fingers and to train muscle memory on notes, similar to other instruments. After practicing for a semester and learning their songs, these students performed a recital for peers and family.

“We only practiced in class [for the song]. It was pretty easy to learn, but I’ve only been playing this semester,” said junior Isaac Cheston, who was in Guitar 1. Confidence is important for performing on stage, and being confident in your knowledge of the song helps you stay calm.

“I messed up a couple times, but I did okay,” said sophomore Katherine Boroughs, “I’m in tenth grade now and I only got this guitar this summer.”

“As a whole, I think it went well. I’m in Guitar 1, everyone in our group is. One thing I would change is the technical issue we had on stage,” said junior Leah Sine. During the recital, there were very few and minor issues, but the students handled them well. They appeared calm and collected as they continued their pieces.

Guitar is a difficult instrument to learn and begin playing on. It requires dextrous hands to move between chords and notes. These students did wonderfully, especially for the beginners in Guitar 1, so overall this Guitar recital was a success.