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Instagram Becoming Too Much Like Snapchat for WHS Students

by Kayla Brown

It’s May 30th and yet another update has arrived from the makers of Instagram. However students at WHS cannot help but notice how very similar these new updates are to the social media app Snapchat. How are students reacting to these changes? Let’s find out!

When Instagram and Snapchat first started out they were two completely different social media apps. Instagram was the app you went to when you wanted to post pictures and keep them up for more than 24 hours. Snapchat was the more fun app with all its cool filters with filters being added more and more everyday. “Instagram should stop with the updates that make them more like Snapchat because them being different is what made them unique and made them both important — no one needs two of the same apps” said senior Brianna Grey.

In the beginning they were both different and very unique. They were not alike and that is what made people want to have an account on both of them. Even though they both involve taking pictures and posting them there were major differences. “I like Snapchat but I have to have an Instagram too because when it comes to Instagram I can have the pictures posted for as long as I want and I can tag my friends in the pictures so they see it right away” said sophomore Madison Miller.

Now that years have gone by since Instagram and Snapchat first came out there has been many updates since then. Now that the updates have come and gone there have been many app changing updates.

The most recent update for Instagram was all too familiar. The new update was Instagram added feature where you can add a filter to your face when you go to take a picture. Some students might not notice the update because no one really takes pictures on Instagram to post them they take them from their gallery but the students that have noticed this change don’t even use it because why would they when they have Snapchat.

“I think Instagram should focus on coming up with updates that make it better than other social media because them doing stuff like this just makes them look desperate,” stated freshman Athena Gregory. She also stated that creating updates like this is “just showing everyone that Snapchat is better.”

In conclusion students at WHS have noticed Instagram and think it needs to start coming up with new updates that make it more unique instead of trying to be like other social media apps. However Instagram is still a great app they just need to come up with better ways to become better to its users.