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iPhones iMessage Has a New Game WHS Students Really Enjoy

by Kayla Brown

There are many different types of phones in the world. However iPhones are very popular phones. Most of the students at WHS use them. With iPhones comes iMessage, and with iMessage comes iMessage games.

There are many different types of games on iMessage like pool, basketball, golf, word hunt, battleships, and so much more. However recently there was a new game that came out called cup pong. So I went around and asked students what they thought about it.

How the game works is there are two sets of ten cups. One set is blue and one set is red, one set for each player. These cups are placed on a ping pong table and you have to try and bounce the ping pong ball into a cup. You get two balls at a time but if you get both balls into a cup then you get another set of two balls. “I’m not to great at bouncing the balls into the cups so I wish they gave us more balls but it still is a great game” said sophomore Linette Claure.

When one player gets a ball into all of his or hers cups then the other player gets “redemption” and can try and bounce a ball into their cup so you could go into “overtime.” If you go into overtime the player with no cups gets three more cups and has to try and get the ball into the rest of the cups to win.

The game hasn’t been out that long but students are loving it. Some students didn’t like it at first but then they got the hang of it and enjoy it now. This game is now trending and is one of the top games most students at WHS play out of all the iMessage games. “I hated the game at first because I could never win but now I know how to win and beat everyone I play” said sophomore Alex Smith. Once you get a hang of the game it gets addictive and you never wanna stop playing.

We all know that iMessage has come up with great updates every time. However this game is a game students actually play in real life so it draws their attention more. There are not many games on iMessage that students actually play in real life so it’s great to have a game they like to play in real life and online at the same time. “I play this game all the time with all my friends; we all love it so it’s cool to have the game on iMessage now too” said sophomore Madison Miller.

In conclusion iMessage games are great, but they are even better when people can relate to them in real life. They are doing a great job with each new update that comes and students can’t wait for the next game to come out.