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Jet Lag Can Impact Your Sleep After a Long Air Flight

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

Jet lag, the horrible consequence of flying over multiple time zones, and switching off of two sleep schedules.  


You’re tired. You just got off of an airplane, your back hurts, your butt hurts and all you want to do is lay down. You get home and you clock out, not waking up for at least ten hours. You’re jetlagged.

“Like a confusing wake up,” junior Josh Held described. Only it’s much worse than that. When you travel to a place, three hours behind, and come back to have to switch back to a school sleep schedule, you begin to feel terrible. I can speak from experience, as I travel back and forth from the west coast to the east coast frequently.

When you wake up from your first rest, you might feel that your rest was short, or that it was disturbed. “Like a really groggy feeling,” said junior Zane Minnick. This is what makes jet lag so difficult to deal with, because the feeling won’t go away until you force yourself into your regular sleep schedule.

This is especially challenging for those that work early hours, or attend school. Switching sleep schedules requires you to either continue sleeping until you wake up at a morning hour or,  stay awake until night comes and sleep until the morning. Doing so while working and waking at six in the morning is a very harrowing task.

However, it is manageable. “I went to India,” said junior Krishna Patel. “The flight time was about 16 hours. I didn’t really experience any jet lag.” Good sleep, and his young age may be attributed to his victory over jet lag, either that or perhaps Krishna never switched sleep schedules when staying over at India.

Never switching sleep schedules is also another good way to avoid jet lag. If you sleep when it gets dark out where you’re from, when you return home you shouldn’t experience much jet lag, only perhaps the usual tiredness that comes from flying in a plane. Something even private jet flyers might have trouble avoiding.

Wherever you go, if it’s on a plane jet lag is something to beware of, as it can ruin trips across the country, and it could lead to a loss of sleep that can affect you for weeks. It’s important that you try to ween yourself off of each sleep schedule, and try to transition into different time zones as smoothly as possible.