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Junior Nina Crosby Walton Attending Nationals for Presidential Library Design

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by Eikaiva Boyer and Jessica Bentley

Junior Nina Crosby Walton, student of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) Architecture program at the Career and Technology Center, has changed her dream of becoming a designer and architect into a reality, with an NAACP competition she is now going to nationals for.

Walton started at CTC this year with the CAD program, to learn about architecture. “In CAD we mostly design residential architecture, houses, we do sketching, and overall different types of architecture,” said Crosby Walton. The CAD program uses a handful of resources and applications; these were all new to Crosby Walton. “Our teacher didn’t really teach how to use each of the applications, but it wasn’t that hard for me to catch on.”

Finishing this school year, Crosby Walton will be completing one year of attending CAD. She will be attending CAD once again her senior year.

During her time at CAD, she researched architecture competitions and found one she fell in love with, the ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics). Crosby Walton started with an idea, then made it a reality, creating a presidential library for former President Barak Obama. “He was the first president that I was able to understand and follow the news. I became more involved with politics. I wanted to help preserve the legacy of Obama.”

This was not a project through CTC, but one she found and developed on her own. After the design was finished, she competed locally, actually being the only competitor in the architectural section of the competition. Crosby Walton had to receive a score of at least 95/100 to move onto Nationals (16 people competing in nationals). “You had to write a paper about your design, make a model, and architecture plans.” She will be attending Nationals on July 21st to the 23rd (21st being the actual competition in Baltimore). She is bringing her presidential library design along too. “It’s so awesome! No high school student gets this kind of experience.”

President Obama already has released a design of his presidential library, but Crosby Walton’s design has been sent to the Obama’s with the help of an aunt of Michelle Obama’s and the NAACP. While she hasn’t heard back from the former president and his wife yet,”I hope some of my designs are implemented into the presidential library.”

Crosby Walton has done plentiful amounts of research into the daily lives of the Obama’s which she incorporated in her library.  She included major accomplishments that occurred during Obama’s administration. She has also taken aspects from their lives to help design the garden. “I wanted to make sure my presidential library blended in with the surrounding community, make sure it kind of flows.” Although, much detail of the model cannot be released at this time, but the design has been seriously thought out, details included.

In Korbin Shoemaker’s Invention and Innovation (I and I) class the projects Crosby Walton worked on sparked her interest in the architecture field, projects such as creating a house using the program Sketch Up, and “buying architectural magazines and studying them religiously. I [then] found the CAD program and applied.”

Crosby Walton first realized she wanted to be involved with architecture in a program known as ACE Mentorship program. She learned about architecture and design through the program and decided that it was something she wanted to pursue. That has led her now to the CAD program at CTC, the ACT-SO competition, and the various summer programs she will attend this summer.

Crosby Walton is attending to two programs this summer, Syracuse and Tuskegee for architecture. She was invited to these programs during the AIA conference. The Tuskegee University program in Alabama is a two week long program, Syracuse, in New York, is a total of four weeks.

Crosby Walton has plans to attend Syracuse University or Rice University in Texas. She plans to major in architecture, attending one of these schools for five years to receive her professional Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. “I love the residential side of architecture…” Crosby Walton also enjoys the style of modern, mediterranean, and spanish architecture.

Crosby Walton also plans to return with her CTC teacher Phil Arnold to Shoemaker’s I and I class to recruit students for the CTC CAD program at the end of the school year. “I can go back to encourage and recruit younger students to [attend] CTC to do architecture and design, and I think that’s pretty cool,” said Crosby Walton,

Crosby Walton is ecstatic for ACT-SO, and the slogan for that competition is perfect for describing Crosby Walton- a royal legacy, a golden future.


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