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Memorial Day a Holiday to Remember All Soldiers Who Lost Their Lives

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

Memorial Day, first observed in 1868 has become a holiday to remember all soldiers that have lost their lives in service of their country.

Memorial Day was originally called “Decoration Day” and celebrated after the civil war; however it became an official federal holiday in 1971. [1] It was first celebrated by freed slaves to honor the soldiers that died fighting for the Union. However, after WWI this appreciation was extended to all soldiers that died serving in the US armed forces.

“It was originally a day made after the Civil War observed in the North,” said freshman Jason Escobar expressing his knowledge of the subject.

Not many people know Memorial Day was created after the Civil War, as often Memorial Day is confused with Veterans Day, the difference being Memorial Day is for soldiers who have passed, and Veterans Day is for soldiers who have served. Most people just remember both as “something about veterans.” or “a day” like sophomore Evan Willcock and junior Giovanni Bellafiore, and others, myself included confuse it with Veterans Day.

This may be attributed to the fact that it never became a federal holiday until 1971, over a hundred years after the Civil War, and it was only after the first world war that Memorial Day appreciated all soldiers that died serving the US not just those that fell during the civil war.

The other difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day is that Veterans Day was made after WWI and originally called Armistice Day by most countries, but was changed in the US after WWII and given the name we now all know today, Veterans Day.

Hopefully this served as a helpful bit of information for most, Memorial Day was and still is a day meant to celebrate the men and women that died serving in the US.



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