features - snapchat update
New Snapchat Updates Have WHS Students More In Love With the App Than Ever

by Kayla Brown

Snapchat is back at it again with another wonderful update. This update changes the look of the camera part of Snapchat when you go to take a picture. They have added a couple new features that students at WHS are loving. So let us see what they have to say about it.

Now everyone that has a Snapchat knows that there is a timer on your pictures that you take. Before you send a snap or add it on your story you have to choose a time which includes one to ten seconds. That all changes today because Snapchat has now added an infinite second long timer. It also made the numbers larger when you click on them so you can see what number you are choosing a lot closer. “The new update is awesome; I’m a slow reader so I’m always having to replay the snaps to read what my friends are saying but not anymore because they can put it on infinite mode and I can read until I’m done” said sophomore Madison Miller.

You didn’t think that was the only new feature they added did you? Well if you did think that then you need to think again because there is a second feature they have added! Now everyone snaps their friends trying to tell them about that awesome story that you have been dying to tell them. Only as you are typing all you see is this boring white font that you cannot see over part of your masterpiece people call a selfie.

Well not anymore! Snapchat has added a color feature so that you can change it to a color that you feel is best for your selfie. “This one time I took a picture and it had the best lighting and the angle was just right but when I went to type what I wanted to say I couldn’t see it at all and it made me so mad I have to delete the picture and take a different one so I am so happy that this update came out it’s amazing” said freshman Athena Gregory.

These new features on this update are a huge success. Everyone is using them on every single Snapchat they send. I see it all over everyone’s stories and all over their snaps. It is a great help when it comes to reading long snaps that people send and the colorful font makes it fun and new. It’s great to have updates like this because it keeps the app from getting boring and forgotten about. “I love the new update — it was clearly a great move for them to add these feature they were an instant hit” said sophomore Chianne Downing.

In conclusion Snapchat has done it again. Created an amazing update that keeps the app upbeat and new. The students at WHS are happy with this update and cannot wait to see what comes next!