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New Starbucks and Chick-fil-a Being Built Near the New Wal-Mart

by Claire Owen

During spring break a new building popped up right in front of Walmart, the construction of the new Starbucks and Chick-fil-a have started!

The site on Walmart has space for three commercial buildings, two of which will be filled with Starbucks and Chick-fil-a. The new Starbucks is said to have a drive-thru and 19 parking spots. It has not been said what will happen with the existing store across the street, but speculations say that the store will move into the new building and that space will go up for lease. The Chick-fil-a construction will not start for awhile, and the plans have not been set yet, nevertheless people are still excited.

There has always been a conflict with the issue of Chick-fil-a and their beliefs, as they hold a reputation of being anti-gay and for that reason alone many people choose to never spend their money there. It goes the same way with Starbucks; they are a huge coffee corporation that is slowly stealing the customers of small, local businesses. Other people are very excited about the new buildings, and cannot wait.

Senior Eowyn Campbell has some opinions, “I think the new Starbucks is going to take away from our existing one that everyone has been going to for years, but I am excited for the Chick-fil-a to be so close, but it’s definitely going to be packed for the first few months. I’m looking forward to all the new stores and restaurants coming to our area.”

Another student, junior Avery Long is concerned that it will create more traffic in the area. Long said, “I think it’s going to create more traffic at the main intersection and on 15.” Long also continued on saying, “I’m looking forward to the Chick-fil-a; it will be nice to have one on the side of town. Since it’s so close I think I’ll probably be there more.”

Senior Mackenzie Akers agrees with Long, “I’m excited about Chick-fil-a being closer, but I think it is going to create a lot more traffic within that area. We already have a Starbucks right around the corner so I don’t really think it is necessary.”

Surely, the new buildings are bound to create even more traffic than already there regardless of any negativity these companies have received. They are some of the most popular places to eat and drink and will create an even busier part of town! And perhaps lighten the load of the Chick-fil-a nearby the Francis Scott Key Mall.