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New Walkersville Library Construction Continues – January 2018 Opening Planned

by Kayla Brown

Walkersville is a rather small town; however there are new buildings being added to make Walkersville grow. The newest addition to Walkersville is still in construction but it is a new library. This library will be bigger and better than the older library next to the middle school. I wanted to see how kids felt about this new library so I went around and asked.

The original library is right next to the middle school. It was made as a smaller version of the library in Frederick. The library in Frederick is on Carroll Creek. The Frederick County Public Libraries website says it was made in the heart of Carroll Creek so you could check out your books and go read by the water. The new library will be moved to 2 S. Glade Road, across from Creamery Park. “I think moving it near the park has its good and bad sides; its moves it away from the middle school which makes it harder to get to for some students but also moving it near a park gives people a nice place to read after checking out their books” said senior Brianna Grey.

The new library is going to be 15,00-square-feet which is six times the size of the current facility according to FCPL spokeswoman Nancy Levesque. The new library will feature more computer stations, a community meeting room, a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) lab, and wifi connectivity. “Its great to know that there will be more computers because the old library would always be crowded with no computers to spare for students getting there after school, adults would always be on them” said junior Justin Smith.

The library’s staff had outgrown the children’s section at the current building, with the space typically “overrun” with adults and children during story times, Levesque said. They intend to have a more interactive space for the children in the children’s section. They are going to try and make it a bit more like the space in the C. Burr Artz Public Library in downtown Frederick, stated Levesque. “The kids section at the current building is cool, it has not just books  but games and toys too so it’s good that they’re going to make it bigger” said junior Quest Mcclain.

In conclusion Walkerville is coming up in the world. New buildings are coming up and everything is improving. Cannot wait to get my hands on some great books in January 2018!