Penguins Shut Out Capitals In Game 7

by Cory Watson

Game seven for the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins was for each team a do or die moment.

The team that lost would not play until the next fall and the team that won would move on to the next round. The game started and right out of the gate the Caps were on the offensive. The teamwork and experience of Washington’s team shone but at the same time the Pens weren’t making it easy and Marc Andre Fleury was not letting a shot get by.

Then the Pens started on the offensive about not allowing the Caps to make a shot on goal for over 13 minutes. The first period ended with a scoreless game.

The second period began and went with a goal by Bryan Rust to give the Pens a one nothing lead. The third period started with one nothing deficit then 5 minutes into the period, a goal by Patrick Hornqvist to lead the Pens to a 2- 0 win over the Caps to allow them to move onto the next round and eliminating the Caps from the playoffs.

The Capitals won’t play until next fall and Penguins go on to play the Ottawa Senators. Junior Seth Gatrell said “ I am very upset, because the Capitals won 5- 2 in the last game but then got shut out on home ice.” Then junior Jarret Burgess commented “ I am very disappointed that they lost but they did a great job.”

School secretary Darlene Tomalewski said “I didn’t watch because I was scared somepone would get hurt, but when I woke up at 3:oo o’clock in the morning the alert on my phone let me know they won! I was excited as hell!”

The Capitals loss was a shock to fans but hopefully the Capitals will bounce back. Sophomore Andrew Higgins said “ It was a complete flop but I think that the Capitals had good offense but the Penguins were playing like they had a 2 to 1 man advantage.”

The Penguins move onto the final four hoping for a second Stanley Cup in a row.