President Trump and His Administration Are Under Fire For the Handling of the FBI Director

by Madison Cooper

The Trump administration is under fire once again, but this time for its decision firing FBI director James Comey.

President Trump’s credibility has been called into question once again after last Tuesday’s decision to abruptly fire FBI director James Comey. A newsletter was released from President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions stating “I cannot defend the director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails.” [1] Trump’s justice department is essentially justifying Comey’s dismissal for mishandeling Hillary’s email case by being too tough on her, which does not make any sense considering how adamant Trump was about the investigation during his campaign run.

Trump and Sessions are even on record praising Comey for reopening the investigation on Clinton’s emails. During an interview with Fox News, Sessions praised Comey for his decision to reopen the investigation he stated, “He had an absolute duty 11 days [before the election] or not to come forward with the new information that he had,” and during his campaign run at one of his rallies, Trump stated “he [Comey] did the right thing.” [2]

There were numerous occasions where he can be found chanting with his supporters “lock her up.” So for Trump to suddenly have a change of heart is fairly unlikely which points to the only other possible reason which would be the investigation that Comey had opened about the connection between Trump and the Russian Government. “The FBI as part of our central intelligence mission is investigating the nature of any length between the individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government.” [1]

Now, as most people already know, the FBI is supposed to think independently and not pick sides or create a bias for one party over the other. This is why it is so concerning as to why Trump would fire Comey in possible efforts to implement a more complacent director. Who could slow walk the investigation or quite frankly not bother to further push the investigation at all.