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Prom Bus Has Pluses and Minuses, But Was For the Best On a Rainy Night

by Alyiah Jackson

Walkersville High School’s Prom was held on Friday, May 5th. The weather seemed to make some students worry and get emotionally distraught that their gowns and suits would mess up from the weather.

The administration had ordered buses to come and pick up the students so that their gowns and suits didn’t mess up from the weather. Students were excited from hearing that the buses would be providing the transportation. It wasn’t until later that evening when the students noticed that there was only one bus picking up and dropping off groups of students.

“I didn’t like how they did that, like so what if it’s raining. We’re still going to have to get out of a car and walk to the tent, like what’s the point of driving all the way back here to school to get into a bus and then drive back just to get to my car; it was so annoying.” said junior Jenna Molnar.

“Well I didn’t like the fact that they were school buses” said senior Jessica Kaczor. Senior Mckinley Ireland agreed and commented, “No, It wasn’t necessary because it didn’t rain.”

“I don’t like people. I also enjoy the independence of driving myself and not conforming to collectivism,” said senior Jamie Cooper.

While some juniors and seniors were upset from having the bus, others didn’t mind due to various reasons:

“I think the buses should be standard because what if your parents can’t really pick you and drop you off; the only thing that I would change is getting more buses instead of just one. That would be annoying and I heard it was cold,” said junior Jameah Elliott.

“I liked how the bus picked us up. At first I thought it was dumb since it didn’t even rain that much but if it does rain next year then I would want a bus, I’m not spending all my money on prom just to get rained on,” said junior Avery Long.

Not saying exactly yes or no, some felt neutral about the topic:

“I’m not for sure saying no for the buses, but if they had shuttles like they said and the buses weren’t a school bus, I wouldn’t mind,” said junior Kathy Krantz.

“I didn’t like the bus. I’d rather drive myself to prom. I liked that my group all rode together — that was fun, but if it actually did rain, that little tent that Mrs. Pardo stood under wouldn’t have fit everyone, and since there was only one bus we all had to wait for, it took our time away from prom waiting for a bus that’s not even five minutes away,” said senior Amaris Biggus.

The standardization of the buses are only to benefit the students. Although, some may not prefer to have them, they could be convenient, as well without them, you wouldn’t have to wait a certain amount of time to arrive to prom. No matter the opinion for the transportation to prom and back, as long as the students of Walkersville and their guests get back to where they should be safely and efficiently is all that matters to their fellow peers, staff and administration.