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Scariest Movie Monster of All Time? It’s the Alien Xenomorph

by Benjamin Francis

Many movie aliens and monsters have dawned the screen and frightened or intimidated viewers since film began, but which is the best of all time?

In 1979 Ridley Scott released his film Alien, and from then on the terrifying Xenomorph has stood the test of time in cinema as the best movie alien.

Born from the hands of the legendary Swiss Artist H.R. Giger, the Xenomorph has continued to scare and stress viewers of the Alien franchise continuously for almost forty years. Never before had anyone seen anything like it and still to this day has roughly the same effect. “I think it’s scary because the thought of that actually being real is soul shaking,” said senior Riley Grant.

The Xenomorph is the most deadly creature, killing anything in its path, which is evident by its features. The hard shell like exterior, the spiked and flexible tail, no visible eyes, the elongated head and of course the mouth that extends from its already deadly jaws.

One thing that sets the Xenomorph aside from other movie aliens such as Predator is that the Xenomorph requires a host body to be born. The face-hugger impregnates a organism and then violently bursts from the chest, abdomen, or even the mouth of the host. “It’s a classic because it is disturbing. Impregnated against your own will, and then the birth will always kill you. It’s just as disgusting as an Alien can get,” said senior Jonathan Rodriguez.

Senior Jaxon Harris said, “It’s wild because the Xenomorph will destroy you in like two seconds and are so fast they’re they are almost unavoidable.” Between Alien, Aliens, Alien3, and Alien: Resurrection, the Xenomorph has over fifty on screen kills, and that is not including the newest addition to the series Alien: Covenant.

The Xenomorph hides in the shadows or comes at you full force; either way you are most likely to die if you do or do not catch a glimpse of this perfect organism. As Ash said in the first film, “It’s structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.” The Xenomorph will remain the top movie alien for years and years to come.