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Seniors Already Working On Finding Their College Roomates

by Emma Lochner

Most of the seniors at WHS already know what college they are going to. The next milestone is finding the roommate they will be living with for the next year. Most college have a roommate matching database, they ask you questions such as “When do you go to bed on the weekdays?” and “How much do you study?”

Unless you have a friend going to the college with you and you have both agreed to live together, most students do the college-sponsored roommate questionnaire. Some people just are not a good fit for each other; getting stuck in a room with someone when you want to go to bed at ten and they go to bed at three is never fun.

Senior Michael Sniezek said, “My roommate is a guy on a rugby scholarship, I think we will get along.”

If this works and you meet someone through the database, talking to them to find their likes and dislikes is a must. Breaking the ice can be hard — starting with names is the easiest. Moving onto favorite colors and hobbies, intended majors/minors is also a good idea.You should also be aware of any allergies to avoid possible problems.

Senior Brayden Shorrow said, “The first roommate I was assigned did not seem like a good match at all, so I was able to switch to someone that seems like a better fit.”

It is not uncommon to have a significant other and to have them visit, but make sure that this potential roommate would be okay with that. No one wants to be surprised or uncomfortable.

History teacher Jason Lepeonka said “You should be surprised by your roommate; going in blind is the best option,” which is the complete other side of things.

If you trust the school enough and are okay with being surprised, then it is okay to do it this way. Of course, once you meet your roommate, you will want to get to know them to work out an efficient way of living together.