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Seniors Pull a Memorable Prank On Their Last Day of School

by Wolfgang Sonne

For the class of 2017’s last day at Walkersville High School, the seniors caused chaos in the student parking lot.

Some of the senior class came earlier than expected as they arrived at the school parking lot at 6am. For the 2017 senior prank, the upcoming graduating class decided to park diagonally throughout the entire student parking lot.

Senior Taylor Stair said “Senior pranks are cool, but there’s not much you can do without getting in trouble. I think they were more popular back then and today seniors don’t really do them as much.”

Senior Bryan Johnson said “To be honest I didn’t even know we had a senior prank. Now that I know what it is I think it’s kind of lame.”

Senior Aly Riggs had this to say “I think it was awesome. We really didn’t plan it, and decided last minute to park crazy and see if everyone followed and they did. Some people got annoyed, but overall it’s very funny.”

Although some people are annoyed at the way the cars are parked it is only for today and it’s the way the seniors are leaving one of their marks for the 2017 graduating class.