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Seniors Reflect On the Most Memorable Moments of Their High School Careers

by Grace Armogida and Claire Owen

As the school year winds down for our seniors here at Walkersville High School, students are bidding goodbye to their friends, and reflecting on the years they have spent here. We went around to ask seniors what their most memorable moments were during high school, and this is what they said:

CJ Barndollar: “Winning the state game my last season of football was hands down my best memory. It was awesome to have lost the year before and come back the next year and win my senior year. ”

Ari Biggus: “My favorite memory of high school is that I’m glad I grew up because I was 4’11 my freshman year. That wouldn’t be fun if I was still that short.”

Emma Crouch: “I think my favorite memory of high school would be beating Middletown in soccer my junior year! We hadn’t beaten them in a really long time, so it’s something I will never forget.”

Alexa Daye: “It would have to be in flex class my junior year, when they called Ariona Johnson, ‘Arizona’ Johnson. I literally almost fainted; it was the funniest thing that has ever happened to me.”

Rylee Duncan: “My favorite memory from high school would be being the treasurer of NHS senior year and also hosting Mr. Walkersville! I am so thankful for that experience!”

Anna Sepanic: “My favorite part of high school was during my junior year when Walkersville Key Club won Key Club of the Year and I won Outstanding President for our district! It was such an amazing experience that I will never forget!”

Maddie Sloniker: “Mine was in sophomore year at my old school, Antilles High, in Puerto Rico, when we had our first ‘Fuga Day’. On that day our whole class went to the beach, and we had a half day of school, and we just had so much fun and bonded a lot.”

Lexy Crist: “It might sound a little corny but my favorite memory of high school would be meeting my boyfriend sophomore year! We have been together ever since!”

Alec Parker: “Winning Mr.Walkersville was my favorite memory of high school. It was really nice to win because I have never really won anything else since middle school!”

Noah Ferguson: “I would say my favorite memory of high school would be winning the state championship game for football. Towards the last three minutes of the game I looked up at the scoreboard and it said Walkersville: 33, Elkton: 6, and that’s when I knew we were champions, which was an amazing feeling!”

Molly Thebau: “Prom was really fun this year and I made a lot of memories there. Everything was really well done and put together and it was awesome when Mrs. Graunke came even though she was injured!”

Andrew Ashley: “My favorite memory of high school was the projects that we did after the AP test in fast Calc with Mrs. Gilbert!”

Celia Miller: “I have a few favorite memories of high school because my senior year was amazing with prom, and building the structures in Mrs. Gilbert’s fast Calc class.”

Joey Moss: “My favorite part of high school was the AP Physics test because it was really really fun and it made sense.”

Garrett Allen: “The best memory of high school for me would be scoring a goal in the Catoctin soccer game my senior year because my cousin was the goalie!”

Andrea Reichard: “I just loved meeting new people every year of high school because I really got to know a lot of different people!”

Madison LaQuey: “My favorite memory was when we won states. We were really not a good team when I was a freshman, throughout the years we got better and better, and finally winning my senior year was the best feeling. Going to the Navy Stadium was an amazing experience.”

Michael Sniezek: “[It] was the Smith Island and Fox Island environmental field trips. They were a lot of fun, we did a lot of interesting activities, which were similar to what I want to do as a career one day.”

Emma Lochner: “Being in photography class because Mrs. Graunke is such an awesome teacher, and I want to be a photography teacher one day, so she’s very inspirational to me.”

Jacob Keith: “My favorite memory was when I was a junior, and I found out I got cast as ‘Leontes’ in the production of The Winter’s Tale. It was the first time I got cast as a lead and it came during a point when I needed an ego boost during my acting career. It came at the right time for me, and showed me I was really good at what I do.”

Rian Wambach: “This is something that happens every year, but at the end of the tennis season the seniors all hit balls that they’ve signed up onto the roof of the high school. I haven’t got to do it yet this year, but it is definitely going to be my favorite memory.”

Emilie Ralph: “My favorite memory of high school would definitely be my senior homecoming because my group was the best one I had ever gone to a dance with. It was just an overall amazing night!”

Joey Edwards: “In 9th grade on the first day of health class when I met Miyah [my current girlfriend]. She sat behind me, and I could never stop looking at her, but that’s when I knew I wanted her, and we are still dating to this day.”

Scott Brennan: “When everyone yelled at Dono to lead the LIONS chant during the football pep rally right before the state game would be my favorite memory. He got very uncomfortable, but then he screamed the loudest I have ever heard him scream in his entire life into the microphone and led the cheer! It was hilarious.”

   Tyler Rock: “My favorite memory from senior year was going to watch our football team play at Navy in the state finals! My favorite memories throughout high school were having great times with my best friends!”

Brooke Tucker: “ My favorite memory from high school would be going to state for football, and winning it all!

Kelcie Robertson: “My favorite memory was the pep rally junior year before the football state game. When Mrs. Franklin had the awesome luck speech. Its one of those things I will never forget!”

Nicole Daily: “My favorite memory from high school was definitely being part of the swim team. When I first joined freshman year I was new to the whole competitive swimming experience, so I was very nervous, but as I grew as a swimmer over the years I grew as a person as well. I got to meet some amazing people through the swim program. I will definitely miss my swim team family.”

Taylor Diggs: “Football season because it brought everyone together and we got to sit in the front rows cause we’re seniors and it’s a big deal to be in the front!”

Ryan Manchester: “Being in the locker room after states and seeing Coach Jackson dance to the song Intoxicated was hilarious!”

Jack Chavez: “My last swim race my relay dropped six seconds and broke a school record while placing eighth in the state!”

Lauren Duffy: “My favorite high school memory would definitely have to be going to the states football game both my junior and senior year! Its an experience I will never forget!”

Anthony DeVincentis: “Being in Mr.Walkersville was for sure one of the best memories from high school for me!”

Moroni Okonah: “My favorite memory would be making the game winning free throws vs. TJ sophomore year!”

Harshi Patel: “I guess one of my favorite memories in high school has be working on and helping out with the class wall and parade during homecoming weeks!”

Megan Wells: “It was just such a blast going to the state championship football game with the whole community of Walkersville behind our football team… it really shows the family aspect that Walkersville has!”

BJ Borowski: “Even though this year was my first year at Walkersville, I made a ton of good memories. Most of them happened when our senior week group hung out. One time, a couple of us decided to go swimming at one in the morning. We turned the pool lights on and played basketball in the water for a good 30 minutes until we got kinda cold. Hanging out with those guys is always a ton of fun and I’ll miss them when I’m in Florida next year!”

Donovan Key: “Probably at the pep rally. I’ve never liked being the center of attention but it was a crazy feeling having 1000 students in the gym yelling my name.”

Olivia Johnson: “Playing basketball is my favorite memory. I was a part of a good team and ended up signing to play in college.”

Claire Kotchenruther: “I really enjoyed all the football games; it was fun dressing up in all the themes for each game. It was awesome watching us go undefeated and win states my senior year too.”

Colin Heller: “Mr. Walkersville was my favorite because it was something that I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not in the beginning, but at the end I was so happy I did do it. The whole process was a lot of fun and all the contestants were friends so we just joked around and had fun the whole time.”

Ana Garay: “My favorite memory was this one time at a pep rally when [senior] Elaina Frederick was walking back to her seat and did a somersault to sit down.”

` Riley Grant: “Definitely when I hit a three-run homer in the first round of playoffs this year!”

Josh Clegg: “The State Championship Football game was definitely my favorite memory from high school because it was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life even though I wasn’t on the team. The crowd of people we had at the game and the involvement of our entire town made it seem like we were in fact on the team the whole time.”

Mackenzie Akers: “It has to be going to all the football games with all my friends and then hanging out after.”

Robert Byres: “My favorite memory was when I had a mannequin in my truck and my friend knew it was there, so they broke it and put the mannequin in my driver seat. Later that day, I was called into the front office by Mr. Liniger and questioned to as why it was in my car.”

Jamie Cooper: “Probably when I went to The Mount camp in the summer of my freshman year. The boy’s and the girl’s soccer teams went and I had a really good time.”

Hannah Chavez: “I think my favorite memory from high school would have to be my involvement with Unified Bocce Ball and Unified Track.”

From sporting events, National Honor Society inductions, and hilarious times with friends, high school has been everything but boring for most. As the twelve years we have spent together comes to an end, tears will surely flow on the last day.

Even if we cannot get our time spent here back, we can still hold onto our memories for a lifetime. Congratulations to the class of 2017, and may you be successful in whatever you plan on doing after you leave the halls of Walkersville.