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Should UFC Fighting Be Banned?

by Jonathen Bowersox

UFC is an American mixed martial arts-focused company based in Las Vegas. Recently there has been a lot of discussion about banning UFC, while fans of UFC argue that it is just another competitive sports contest.

Junior Keren Ott said, “I think that UFC fighting should be banned because I feel like they don’t know when to stop. They will keep fighting and fighting until the [referee] jumps in, but by the time that happens the damage is already done and the guy’s face is all busted up, which comes with serious medical problems that can be life threatening and be very bad.”

UFC fighting has been linked to a lot of medical issues, including broken bones, bruises, and severe brain trauma. The concussion rate among UFC fighters is very high.

“I agree that UFC should be banned. It’s way more dangerous than a lot of other sports because the goal of UFC fighting is literally to injure the other fighter enough that they can’t continue. There are way too many injuries and it shouldn’t be legal,” said sophomore Leah Wells.

Fans of UFC argue that the sport encourages physical fitness and has historically been a way to provide young people with a way of escaping poverty. Many young boxers start boxing as a way to channel their frustrations, and become extremely successful as a result.

Some people believe that UFC is barbaric and exploits its athletes through televised events that viewers must pay to watch. Fans argue that this is no different than any other sports.

“My family pays to get the NFL Network channel, I don’t see how paying to watch a fight on TV is any different. If people are willing to pay, and the fighters are getting a fair amount of money, then I don’t see why it should be illegal,” said senior Moroni Okonah.

UFC is a controversial topic in today’s society with people standing on both sides of it, but one things for sure is that the health risk is very high, so some changes must be made for the future of the sport.