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Softball Team Finishes Strong with an 11-6 Record, and Begin Playoffs On Monday

by Megan Allen

The Walkersville softball team played against TJ on May 8th. The score ended with Walkersville with the win, 15-4 to finish off their regular season.

Senior Carlie Hopkins went 2-3 with a solo home run and two RBI’s, Hopkins said “I think that is definitely how we needed to end our season because then we are confident going into playoffs. We definitely need to come out ready to go in the first inning because a lot of times this season we got down and had to come back but we can’t risk that in the play offs.”
Walkersville played TJ on April 3rd for the first time this season and also won that game 8-0. When varsity softball coach Erinne Warrenfeltz was asked if the team improved since the last time they played TJ, Warrenfeltz said “The team has definitely come a long way, we have improved at all the little things that we were struggling in the beginning of the year. I am so proud of the way they played because last time we sunk down to their level and we didn’t this time. Also our energy was up the whole game which really helped a lot.”

Junior Kathleen Duffy had two hits and two RBIs to help the Lions come out with the win. “It felt really good to end the season with a win and it was an all around team win. It boosts up our confidence for playoffs because we are all hoping to go really far and I believe that we definitely can as long as we all believe in ourselves.”

To close out their season, they ended with a record of 11-6. Walkersville drew the third seed in the playoffs, and will play number two seed Mountain Ridge away on Monday.