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Sophomore Hayley Willey Blows Away Audience at Walkersville’s Got Talent

by Sarah Grace McElwain

Sophomore Hayley Willey became the winner of Walkersville’s Got Talent after she received an overwhelming large amount of votes for her rendition of “How Far I’ll Go”, a song from Disney’s Moana.

Willey blew audiences away with her interpretation of the solo. “I picked the song because my vocal coach said it was good for my vocal range and I look similar to Moana apparently,” laughed Willey.

“I think she picked a really good song for her vocal range,” said junior attendee Emilia Lawler. “There was a lot of emotion put into her song. It was definitely fun to watch,” said Spanish teacher Loyda Lugo-Goff.

Many people do not realize how passionate Willey actually is about singing. She started taking vocal lessons towards the end of her eighth grade year. “I got into singing because I loved going to concerts and always have dreamed about being a musician,” said Willey.

Willey enjoys singing as a hobby, along with other extracurriculars. “I like singing because it doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can either keep it as a hobby or try and make a career out of it,” she said. In the past, she has performed at Walkersville’s Cabaret and Harmony for Hope as well.

Willey is involved in many other things at WHS; she is on the varsity cheerleading team (for fall and winter seasons) as well as a member of the Spanish Club. She is also an employee at the Frederick YMCA.

“I do cheer and I have work so I had to schedule my vocal lessons right after school but be done by three so I could get to work on time. I have to schedule around lessons and still find time to practice,” said Willey, describing her busy schedule.

With all of her commitments, it is a wonder Willey finds time to sing. Hopefully, Willey will continue to surprise us with more amazing performances in the future.