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Star Wars Lovers Celebrate the Franchise Every May 4th

by Honora Johnston

Every year, May 4th arrives and Star Wars fans show their love for the franchise. For those who don’t know, May 4th is Star Wars Day because of the iconic line “May the force be with you.”

Star Wars is a long-standing line of movies, beginning in 1977 with Episode IV: A New Hope. Now, the next movie is set to come out this December.

People young and old love the movies for their own reasons. Some may be casual fans of the series, while others are avid watchers of anything Star Wars.

Some fans argue that one movie is better than another in this franchise. The older movies are the classics, but the newer movies look better visually. “I like A New Hope, but I preferred Rogue One. The story was so sad, but it was great!” exclaimed junior Parker Montour.

“Chewbacca’s my favorite [character]. [The movies are] very entertaining and I like sci-fi,” said freshman Lucas Abrecnt. Sci-fi is still a major favorite of many people, making Star Wars a classic anyone can enjoy.

“I think my favorite thing was the band from the Cantina,” commented freshman Ray Clutter. While Star Wars can be a little dark and serious, there are certain aspects that make the movies enjoyable for everyone. It does not always need to be a struggle between good and evil, so of course there are humorous moments.

“The movies made a lot of things based on real life and they’re pretty timeless,” said freshman Jacob Hershberger. Star Wars was an impactful movie back in 1977 and it still influences movie directors today. Certain movies can be watched throughout time and still be amazing, and Star Wars is one of them.

Star Wars is loved by fans for different reasons. Whether that be the characters, the strange universe or specific plots in the long story, these fans accept their differences and express their excitement for their favorite movie series.