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Students Procrastinate as the End of the Semester Nears

by Sydney Pigott

The end of the school year is approaching which means those last minute assignments and missing papers are crucial to take your grade up to the next level. What are Walkersville students doing to improve their grade before it’s too late?

Sophomore Luke Gaffigan says “My grades are trash right now because I slacked off in the middle of the term, but from know on I’m going to study hard and do all of my work so I can get a passing grade in Algebra 2.”  This is the typical situation, where we get lazy and miss a few papers or don’t feel like studying for that exam. Teacher Gina Stelma here at Walkersville High says that “a lot of students come up to me toward the end of the term and hound me with super late papers and assignments to bump their grade up.”

“I think I’m pretty good, just have to keep up with my work and study like I have been for the past three terms and I should end the school year with honor roll,” says “straight A student” Ben Morrano. The best way to stay cool and calm is to “manage time and focus on what’s given to you when it’s given to you so you can stay on top of things” according to Senior Collin Hess as he admits that that’s not what he always does.

“Making sure you come to school as much as possible is a huge key,” Senior Garrett Allen expressed. A lot of students miss school and aren’t able to absorb the information that is presented on tests which affects not only their classwork grade but their test grade if they don’t quite get the material due to not showing up. Juggling make-up work within a required time on top off the regular school work already being given is a lot of stress which can cause your grade to drop tremendously that’s why freshman Gabby Collins says she’s going to maintain her “good attendance.”

Hopefully you can take advice from these students and get/keep those grade high for the end of school year 2017.